TUF 11 Team Lidell vs Team Ortíz – Episodio 2 Video : VALE TUDO PERU VALE TUDO PERU: TUF 11 Team Lidell vs Team Ortíz – Episodio 2 Video

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

TUF 11 Team Lidell vs Team Ortíz – Episodio 2 Video

TUF 11 Team Lidell vs Team Ortíz

Fourteen fighters have secured a spot in the Ultimate Fighter house. Two fighters that were eliminated last week will get a chance later in the season to fight for a chance in the quarterfinals, but for now, the house is full and we’re ready to officially start the season.

The fighters arrive at the TUF house and immediately scramble to secure the best beds. Clayton McKinney says that it’s a huge relief to be on the show because nobody remembers the people who got beat. Chris Camozzi says that one of his teeth was broken during his fight and now it’s infected, so he’s battling a mouth injury. McKinney’s doctor told him that he blew his shoulder out and perhaps damaged his rotator cuff, but he’s going to take a cortisone shot and soldier on.

Dana White’s classic “do you want to be a f*cking fighter” is now emblazoned on the wall of the house.

Camozzi says he’s hoping to be on Tito’s team, mostly because Ortiz was vocal throughout the fights and seemed to be more interested in coaching than Liddell. That’s probably true.

The next day, the fighters head to the training center. Both coaches arrive with their assistants, and we get our first shot of Liddell’s jiu-jitsu coach, Strikeforce welterweight champ Jake Shields. Dana White joins the coaches and waits for the fighters to arrive.

White explains how teams will be picked. Ortiz wins the coin toss, so he’ll get either the first pick or the ability to pick the first fight. Ortiz opts to take the first pick, and takes Heavy.com blogger Nick Ring with his first choice. Ortiz says that Ring looked very poised and could be very good. Liddell takes Kyle Noke with the second pick.

Nick Ring
Kyacey Uscola
Kris McCray
Jamie Yager
James Hammortree
Clayton McKinney
Chris Camozzi

Kyle Noke
Rich Attonito
Charles Blanchard
Josh Bryant
Brad Tavares
Court McGee
Joe Henle


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